Te Reo Maori emergent reader bundle

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Te Reo Maori Emergent Reader BUNDLE for Beginning Readers

This features all of my Te Reo Maori emergent readers including:

Each emergent reader has repeated text with just a couple of words changed each time.

Each of the four emergent readers Includes

1 x full colour class book for teacher to read to students or ideal for a book corner
1 x Student book in BW full text
1 x Student book in BW with some words missing for student to fill in gap
1 x blank copy for student to write full sentence.

Student books are designed for easily assembly. Copy, staple, cut. Print the pages (collate when printing), staple 3 times, cut, and you have 3 student books. Ka Pai!

Help your students learn more than just lists of Maori words - help them integrate Maori language into their life!


This is a Downloadable resource.

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