Plants and their products

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Help your Elementary class learn about how plants are used by humans, students learn about where things come from and how important plants are to people. A great addition to units on Farms, food, urban and country and as an extension for Montessori classrooms.

Plants/products covered:
fruit (apple tree/apple)
vegetables (peas)
cotton Plant/ Cotton clothing
henna Plant/Henna tattoo
lavender/lavender oil
palm tree /palm basket and mat
pine tree/paper
rice plant/rice
rubber tree/ rubber eraser
timber /wooden house. chair and boat

US spelling version

40 page bundle of activities to help children identify what product /s comes from where.

- Posters identifying plants/products with captions
- Picture match up to product (2 sets - option of just pictures or pictures and words)
- What do these plants give us? Cut and paste activity. (2 sets)
- Where do these things come from? Cut and paste activity (2 sets)
- 3 reading comprehensions: Apples, Rice, Timber


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