New Zealand Themed Sight word Colouring

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This resource contains the 74 most commonly used words in New Zealand English.


The words are spread out into these stunning pictures of native birds. Each picture has between 6-10 sight words on it.


Sheet 1 are the most common words to Sheet 10 the least common.


Included are the following sight words

Colouring Sheet 1: and, in, we, it, my the, to

Colouring Sheet 2: was, we, at, but, for, got, had, he

Colouring Sheet 3: is, me, of, on, she, so, that

Colouring Sheet 4: then, there, they, up, went, when, you

Colouring Sheet 5: about, after, all, are, as, back

Colouring Sheet 6: as, back, be, because, came, day, down, get

Colouring Sheet 7: go, going, have, her, his, home, into, just

Colouring Sheet 8: like, mum, not, one, our, out, said, some

Colouring Sheet 9: were, with, again, an, around, big, by, can

Colouring Sheet 10: come, could, dad, did, do, first, food, from

Total Pages: 10

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