New Zealand Themed Sight word Colouring


This resource contains the 74 most commonly used words in New Zealand English.


The words are spread out into these stunning pictures of native birds. Each picture has between 6-10 sight words on it.


Sheet 1 are the most common words to Sheet 10 the least common.


Included are the following sight words

Colouring Sheet 1: and, in, we, it, my the, to

Colouring Sheet 2: was, we, at, but, for, got, had, he

Colouring Sheet 3: is, me, of, on, she, so, that

Colouring Sheet 4: then, there, they, up, went, when, you

Colouring Sheet 5: about, after, all, are, as, back

Colouring Sheet 6: as, back, be, because, came, day, down, get

Colouring Sheet 7: go, going, have, her, his, home, into, just

Colouring Sheet 8: like, mum, not, one, our, out, said, some

Colouring Sheet 9: were, with, again, an, around, big, by, can

Colouring Sheet 10: come, could, dad, did, do, first, food, from

Total Pages: 10

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