New Zealand Money Level 2: giving change word problems


An activity designed to help students work out change required using New Zealand money/currency.

This work can be completed as an independent activity. Photocopy, print off and cut up the pairs. Student then matches the question card to the answer card.

Designed for readers at Gold +.Notes are copies of the NEW version that are in circulation from late 2015. Covers Level 2 of NZC

As a teacher you will need to add a self correction to the back of the cards. If you are not a Montessori teacher and this term is unfamiliar to you, this means putting a check on the back of the cards so the child can see whether they are correct.

Each group that goes together should have a matching number/symbol on the back. You will need to put these numbers/symbols on the back of the cards.

When the child flips the cards over they can see whether the cards belong together by checking that the cards all have the same number/symbol.


This is a Downloadable resource.

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