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New Zealand invertebrate facts (Montessori inspired)

New Zealand invertebrate facts (Montessori inspired)

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In this activity children match a picture, name of animal and paragraph card together about each animal.

Full instructions included

In English however the insect names are listed in both languages.

* Bee – pī
* Centipede – Wakapīhau
* Cockroach – Papata
* Dragonfly – Kapowai
* Spider – Pūngāwerewere
* Katydid – Kikipounamui
*Ladybird – Mumutawa
* Slater – Pāpapa
* Stick Insect – Rō
* Worm – Noke
* Weta
• Huhu –
• Snail - Ngata
*Cicada - Kikihi
*Glowworms - Titiwai
*Red Admiral Butterfly - Kahukura



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