Make a Museum Exhibit: PBL Unit Resources Bundle

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Includes my Make a Museum Exhibit: Exploring Geological Time and additional resources including my Prehistoric Era materials and Plate Tectonics Resoruces


Make a Museum Exhibit


In this unit, designed for 9-12 year olds, students explore how to make a museum exhibit that shares information about geological time in an appealing way.


-Teaching outline 

-Student handouts

-Teaching and student materials to guide students in thinking about geological time.


Prehistoric Era Materials


Contains cards about different eras to help with research


Plate Tectonics


Plate tectonics Montessori Nomenclature Book that can be used in book or card format to help teach about the vocabulary of the earths tectonic movements. It illustrates and describes 6 features of plate tectonics: Earth's layers, tectonic plates, convergent boundary, divergent boundary, transforming boundary, fault


What is PBL?


Project Based Learning (PBL) is a type of learning where students learn skills and knowledge through carrying out a project. It is different to “doing a project” because PBL is like being the chef and bringing everything together and the usual project is like being a waiter, simply bringing knowledge to show someone.

Quality PBL has several key elements:

-Intellectual challenge

-Authentic learning through a sustained or long term inquiry



-Reflection and revision activities

-A public product is produced

-Student voice and choice

Traditionally a whole class does PBL together. These units have been made with a Montessori class in mind so can be undertaken by a portion of the class. Collaboration and discussion is a necessary part of this unit.

A teaching outline is given along with what activities the students will complete after the lesson.

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