Christchurch Earthquake Level 1


An integrated unit on the Christchurch Earthquake of 2011 in New Zealand looking at Earthquakes from a Social Studies, Health and Science Perspective.

This sensitively designed unit uses the Christchurch earthquake as a starting point to look at Earthquakes in New Zealand.

Achievement Objectives

Social Studies
L1 Understand that people have different roles and responsibilities as part of their participation in groups.

L1/2 Planet Earth and Beyond: Interacting Systems
Describe how natural features are changed and resources affected by natural events and human actions.

(1D1) Healthy Communities and Environments: Community Resources
Identify and discuss obvious hazards in the home, school, and local environment and adopt simple safety practices.

Learning Objectives.
Through this unit students will learn the following:
1)Explain what an Earthquake is
2)Say what happened in the Christchurch Earthquake
3)State how people helped each other after the Christchurch Earthquake
4)Say ways we can be helpful in our community
5)Discuss ways to keep safe in and after an Earthquake (including a mental health aspect)

-Teacher notes
-Photocopy masters
-Powerpoint on the Earthquake

50 pages - PDF

This is a Downloadable resource.


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