ANZAC Day Bundle

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This includes my ANZAC day Scavenger hunt
A series of fact cards are placed around the room and students 'hunt' for the answer and write it on their worksheet. 

When completed students do a piece of writing about ANZAC Day on the template provided

Anzac Day Flip book
An ANZAC Day activity for Australian and New Zealand Students aged 8-11. 

This interactive activity is a great addition to work on ANZAC Day.

An easily to assemble booklet where students explore:
-The history of ANZAC Day and why we remember it
- Dawn services
- What the Military is
- Places ANZAC soldiers are at the moment
- How they can be peacemakers

Anzac Day sorting
A simple sorting activity for children to recognise symbols of different days.

War memorial or peace memorial?

Help your children critically analyse war memorials and the symbols in them and in the process think about how we remember war. Children will be introduced to the narratives that are told through war memorials and guided to create a peace memorial.

This is a Montessori inspired activity designed to create peaceful adults who are advocates of peace.