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Beginner Animal Research Templates

Beginner Animal Research Templates

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Do you have young learners you want to introduce to non fiction nature writing to? 

Do your young learners have ideas but then forget what they were going to say?

This is for you!

This structured writing tool helps children write about animals using relevant current information about animals.


Includes 3 different versions each with key vocabulary at the top of the page.


Writing tasks include writing a report about

-A lion

-A butterfly

-A goldfish


and a series templates for a child to use with any animal at all

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jacquelyn Mesco

This is a wonderful material! Scaffolds helped my students slowly build from not being able to write a sentence to writing a paragraph.

Jocelyn Hall
Love this template!

I introduced these templates in my 2/3 class. The students love doing animal research and I love being able to scaffold for different abilities.

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