Montessori Phonetic Grammar - Proficiency Sentences Set 1 (literacy)

$8.00 USD

Are your students ready for grammar materials but are still emerging readers? Then this is the series for you! 

This is set 1 which uses CVC words or CVCC words. More sets with more complex phonetic words and additional parts of speech will be available by June 2021.

Included are 60 pages!

-Coloured posters and teaching notes for introducing: article, noun, adjective and the verb.

- Phonetic words for sorting into categories: article, noun, adjective and verb. 

- 2 x worksheets to introduce the two puzzle words used in this set 'the' and 'yellow' - everything else can be worked out phonetically! 

- Pages of simple phonetic phrases/sentences to symbolise/symbolize (20 pages in total)

- 1 x page of reading comprehension or grammar work to go with the previous phonetic phrases/sentences. (20 pages in total) A variety of activities are given including:

  • illustrating a given phonetic sentence
  • unscrambling a sentence and writing it
  • matching a picture to a sentence
  • cloze (fill in the gaps exercises)
  • Matching the grammar symbols to a given sentence
  • using some target words to write a sentence

-6 x  pages of handwriting and phonics sheets.


 Choose the pages and activities that work for you. We encourage you to adapt the pages to meet the needs of the child in front of you.

These pages can be used alongside or independently of the 'Primary Phonics Books©'  You do not need the Primary Phonics Books to use this material!

You can see the rest of my Literacy Resources here.

This resource is also available in the Literacy and Grammar Bundle.

 60 pages

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