Teaching Improper Fractions

Teaching Improper Fractions

Improper or Vulgar Fractions are a great activity for 8 year olds plus to work with. 

Students need to have a good understanding of most of their timetables and to have worked a lot with fraction materials.

I use the fraction box which has multiple sets of the fraction pieces. If you are homeschooling I recommend buying this rather than the single set of Fraction insets. 


Lesson Sequence

Very briefly go over how many thirds equal a whole. Ask how many will make two wholes? Three wholes? 

Present a whole lot of fraction pieces

Ask the student to count how many thirds there are in the pile. There are eleven. Ask the student how we would write that. Show if needed 11/3. Put the label down with the fraction pieces

Have the student sort the pieces into wholes

Ask the student if there is another way of showing this number. How many wholes are there? What is left over? Write this on a label.

Repeat with other fractions. 

As a self correcting tool or an extension students could practice with the improper fraction cards match up activity

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