Sun catchers or stained glass windows (simple craft and art activity)

Sun catchers or stained glass windows (simple craft and art activity)

These sun catchers are very easy to make. They are also fantastic for developing fine motor co-ordination and attention to detail. We made ours in winter because who doesn't need a bit of sunshine and happy in winter? They would be perfect for summer too. 

I did these with students aged 6-9 including neurodivergent students with developmental delays. 

You need:

Paper plates (2 for each child doing the activity)

Clear book cover


Crepe paper - we used some old party streamers we had from making bird stained glass windows as part of our pollination unit.

Sticky tape

Optional: String and hole punch so they can hang.


1) Cut out the middle of 2 paper plates. 


2) Measure the inside of the cut out part. Cut out 2 square pieces of book cover that are the same size as the cut out part of the paper plate.  


3) Take off the backing off one of the pieces of book cover and place it onto the plate. Leave the other plate and other piece of book cover to the side for later.

4) Cover the sticky side of the book covering with ripped up pieces of crepe paper. We aimed for pieces the size of our finger nail. Don't worry if pieces go over the edge onto the card. The pieces do not have to be a uniform size. 


4) When finished get the other plate and cover it with book cover so that when touching both plates will have the 'sticky' side touching each other. 

5) Sticky tape the plates to each other and if desired attach a piece of string and hang from a window. 



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