Cats and Scraps or Scraps and Cats (simple art and craft activity)

Cats and Scraps or Scraps and Cats (simple art and craft activity)

Do your children cut out pieces of paper for various art activities? 

Being a little bit of a teacher I occasionally go through periods where I collect these left over pieces of paper which is where this simple art activity comes in. Lots of the leftovers for this activity came from our city scapes.

This is a great activity for:

- a rainy day

- to teach flexible thinking

- to encourage using left over materials

You need:

- left over pieces of scrap paper (smaller than the size of the palm of a child's hand). Any shape, any colour.

- a plain piece of paper


- glue

What to do:

This is a great activity to model first and to model thinking skills. 

1) Bring out the box of left over pieces of paper. Hold up a couple of pieces and ask the students what the shape reminds them of. If needed give a couple of your own examples of what you think a piece of paper looks like.

2) Introduce the name of the activity 'cats and scraps.' Hold a piece of paper and say 'Do you think this could be a part of a cat or something the cat sees or does?' Using the suggestions of the child model your own. Here is mine: 

3) I allow the children to combine pieces of paper anyway they want. I usually do not allow them to cut out pieces of new paper as I use this activity as a way to encourage recycling and using what we have around. 

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