Key Experience: The Noun

Key Experience: The Noun


You will need 

- A Black pen

- Small cut up pieces of paper

- A prewritten caption that says 'noun'


Key Experiences are ways of sparking the imagination of the child. They are given to new or younger children or as ways to bring life back to a curriculum area. 


1) Gather students

2) Say: Today we are going to learn about some things in the thing. The children might laugh or look at you weirdly. Look confused. Ask 'Are you confused? ahhhh I might use some other words. Today we are going to learn about some names in the classroom.' 

3) Write the name of an object in the class e.g. chair. 

4) Ask the child to bring a chair. Put the label by the object

5) Repeat with other objects (around three to five)

6) Now say can you Bring me the object whose name is thing. You know the thing beside the other thing.

7) The child will bring you different objects. Decline all of them. Then stop and say 'what do you need so you bring the right thing?' (its name, what it is) 'Yes you need its name, the other word for name is noun. 

8) Have the students write the names of some objects in the class. Place the list of objects into a pile and on the shelf. The children can then work with them later, getting the objects off the shelf and putting the label by them like in the lesson. 

9) Present the label that says noun and check with the students what it means.

For some free follow up ideas check this post

The cover photo with the description of a noun can be downloaded as part of this set

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