Four great noun activities for Montessori classrooms

Four great noun activities for Montessori classrooms

I love teaching Montessori Grammar. I really love the symbols that Maria Montessori gave to the parts of speech. Here are some great Montessori noun activities. Make sure to have a look in your manuals to understand the sequence of noun lessons, these are just a sampling of the grammar curriculum!

1) The 'give me a ....' game
A simple but entertaining game especially loved by 4-6 year olds. The teacher says 'Give me a .... (and then trails off) and asks a child to give me a ...... The child dutifully goes and gets something and brings it to the mat to which the teacher says 'No, that's not what I want' Repeat. At the end ask why it didn't work. A child will say something like 'it's because you didn't say what you wanted.' Teacher replies 'Yes, I didn't say it's name or noun, a noun is a person, place or thing. I need to use a noun so we know what something is.

2)The labeling game.
-Teacher has a small collection of nouns written on individual cards
- Child goes and gets something from the room that matches the cards and places it beside the card. E.g. if the card says 'bead'  the child goes and gets a bead and places it beside the label that says 'bead'
- If the label is something that is not in the classroom , for example for giraffe the child draws a picture of the object (but if you have a real life giraffe in your class - cool!) .

Click here for my labeling game freebie
3) Sorting activities.
In these traditional activities the child sorts different types of noun.
The teacher gives an individual presentation on each explaining what defines each. For a free download of Montessoriforeveryone's noun sets click these links:

-Concrete and Abstract Nouns
-Person, Place, Thing
-Common and Proper
Remember each set of cards is an activity in itself.
4) Booklets and posters
When children have a good knowledge of nouns they can make a booklet of what they know. Click here for my simple booklet that children can make to look at what they know about nouns.
My class loved this poster series and enjoyed making their own posters in a similar style. We then collected all the posters together in a book and put them in the book corner for children to read through!
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