Is this a perfect picture?

Is this a perfect picture?


Maybe. Maybe not. What it does show is huge growth.

Previously Mr 5.5, who has ADHD,  may have stopped after drawing the outline of 1 or 2 insets. 

On this day I sat and pulled out an inset and sat beside him. I wondered out loud "I think I might make a pattern." I overlapped ovals and then copying me he did the same with some circles. 

He saw that I was doing a pattern with colours and attempted a pattern on one side of page with green and orange. 

I started to colour mine and then he coloured his. 

He stuck at this for 15 minutes. 

Yes the colouring is outside the lines, no it isn't a picture perfect inset but the fact he persevered with this activity shows huge growth. 

Our neurodiverse children work very hard. Their end product might be different to neurotypical children however what they did to achieve a particular piece of work might have taken significant more effort than what a neurotypical chid does. 

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