How I Teach the Fundamental Need of Defence in a holistic way

How I Teach the Fundamental Need of Defence in a holistic way

Today in our continuing discussion of Fundamental Needs we looked at Human Rights. I got out the Fundamental Needs Defence cards and showed the Human Rights Cards (we used my fundamental needs card set)

My child was particularly interested in weapons as defence but I wanted to point out about something less tactile but more important: Human Rights. 

I found this book from the library which is authored by Amnesty International. It is very accessible and has beautiful images.

Before we read it we brainstormed what we thought were Human Rights, I used the fundamental needs as a prompt to help lead the discussion. We then read the book and discussed as we went.

Lots of ideas came up (all child contributions) including
-Religion and what we could believe or not
-Children and families including uplifts of children from their homes.


We've come back to the conversation a few times and linked it to culture too.

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