How I teach the Fundamental Need of Culture

How I teach the Fundamental Need of Culture

Recently we continued our study of fundamental needs. We introduced a 5th need today - culture. We discussed what culture was, it is a bit of a tricky one as it is a little more abstract. We used the culture cards from my "Fundamental Needs Card Set" .

We then discussed how a culture might identify itself. I led this discussion to flags.
We recorded our learning in our recording book, this book sits on the topic shelf.

We looked at the tino ragatiratanga flag and talked through the symbolism of this and its importance to Māori and Aotearoa/NZ. You can see more about the symbolism here.


We then talked briefly about relationships and identity which led to a discussion on the "progress pride flag" We talked about how if we saw this flag waving it might mean the person identifies as being LGBTQI+ or wants to show they value this culture.

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