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Montessori Inspired Pollination Resource

Montessori Inspired Pollination Resource

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This Montessori Inspired Pollination Pack supplements the Botany Impressionistic chart about pollination and is a great addition to any learning about flowers or ecology.


Includes US and UK english versions


- Life Cycle of a Sunflower image

-Flowering Plant Life Cycle image

-Flowering Plant Life Cycle worksheet

-Flowering Plant Life cycle matching cards

- Five posters explaining different aspects of pollination with pictures and a small paragraph:

*Male and Female Parts are needed to reproduce

*Plants reproduce by seeds

* Male and Females Parts of a Flower

* Pollination x 2

-Traditional Montessori style matching cards explaining different aspects of Pollination

- Worksheet for child to illustrate how pollination happens between flowers

- Sorting activity: Features of Insect pollinated plants, features of bird pollinated plants, features of bird pollinated plants.

-Attracting Pollinators poster

- 5 worksheets


30 pages

PDF - This is a Downloadable Resource

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