Would Montessori have a trampoline in her class?

Would Montessori have a trampoline in her class?

Probably, if the children needed one.

Trampolines as we know them were patented in 1945, only a few years before Montessori died.

Prepared Environments need to meet the needs of the learners in the classroom.

Our homeschool room has a mini trampoline, rocking board and areas to 'hide' in to reduce sensory overload and help with regulation.

You do you. Let your classroom or homeschool be the best it can be for the learners in your care.

My point here is simply this.
The things in our classrooms or homeschools need to meet our learners where they are.

When we sell the pretty shelf thing, or as someone called it the other day, "Montessori p*)n" as what Montessori personified is, we lessen the spiritual work of the teacher in being someone who sets up the room or place so all learners can 'bring forth' their true identity through relationship with their learners.

To me this means if a child needs a comfort toy in class to feel safe, that is fine.
If a child needs headphones to block out sound, that is fine.
If a child needs a set desk which is always theirs to lower anxiety, that is fine.
If a child needs stretchy bands around the bottom of chairs to regulate their body, that is fine.

I am continually thankful for all the advances in education, science, and psychology that give us tools to help our learners flourish.

What 'non traditional' thing do you have in your homeschool or classroom that helps your learners?

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