War Memorial or Peace Memorial

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Help your children critically analyse war memorials and the symbols in them and in the process think about how we remember war. Children will be introduced to the narratives that are told through war memorials and guided to create a peace memorial.

This is a Montessori inspired activity designed to create peaceful adults who are advocates of peace. 

It would make a great addition to your ANZAC Day or Remembrance day unit

Included in this mini unit
- Lesson plan outline
- 5 page Powerpoint of war memorials around the world (allows children to see how people remember wars in different ways)
- Montessori style 3 part cards of symbols used in war memorials
- Understanding a war memorial project template and questions to prompt thinking examples of questions: 
*Does the memorial talk about people who were not soldiers?
*Does it talk about people who were killed or harmed by war?
*Does the memorial talk about the people on the ‘other side’, the people who we were fighting?
*Are there pictures of people on the memorial? How do the people look? Why have they been made to look that way?

- Reading: How memorials tell a story (and what stories are not included)
- Symbols for peace
- Design a peace memorial

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