Volcano/ Volcanic Eruptions Bundle

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Volcano Bundle of activities for Science teaching about Volcanoes and Eruptions/ Volcanic Explosions.

This is a bundle of all of my Volcano materials: You can buy the following as separate items by click on these links

**Volcano Lesson Plans 32 pages.
This unit introduces the fundamentals of Volcanic Eruptions to your students.

Through this unit students will learn the following:
--Volcanoes have characteristics that make them volcanoes. Different parts of a volcano have different ‘jobs’
--Many sites of volcanic activity are found along the boundaries of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust
--When a volcano erupts its appearance changes.
--Volcanic explosions effect the atmosphere, living things and the land.

**Volcano Vocabulary match up cards 38 pages
Volcano Vocabulary cards that make a great addition to any unit dealing with Volcanoes or Volcanic eruptions. These cards introduce the following 13 terms to your students:
- layers of the earth - plate boundary - volcano - shield volcano
- composite volcano - active volcano - dormant volcano - extinct volcano - volcanic bomb -cinder cone - vent - lava - magma chamber
- lava tube - eruption -ash -crater

** Volcano Vocabulary Posters 16 pages
Same terms as above . Full color. One term per page

** 3D Volcano Mapping activity 10 pages
A 3D hands on Volcano activity where children map the worlds 13 largest earthquakes. A great addition to units of work on natural disasters or rapid changes to the land. Children place a flag onto the location of each of the most major eruptions. Each flag lists where it happened and the year it happened.