Samoan phrases for communication with parents

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Do you have parents who have English as an Additional Language to Samoan?

These common notices will help you get your message across.
25 different messages formatted for you to print off and give to students

3 copies of the same message on each page


Comes as PDF file and JPEGs

Translated by a native speaker.

These are the messages included:

A) Hello I am the class teacher for your child. I am looking forward to teaching them this year. My name is ___________ you can contact me by email at _______________ .

B) Meet the teacher night is on ______________ at _____________________ . I would like to share a bit about how our class is going to work this year.

C) Please make sure your child brings
-their reading book
-their swimming gear
-enclosed shoes
- their homework

D)Please check your child's bag daily for their reading book. Please read the book with them.

E) Your child needs new stationery. Please buy ______________

F) Your child needs _________________

G) No School Tomorrow

H) No School Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

I) We are finishing early tomorrow. Please pick up your child at ______

J)We are going on a school trip. Please sign the form that was bought home

K) School Reports were sent home today.

L) We have Parent Teacher Interviews on __________ . Please book a time for your interview.

M) We are having a class open day for students to show their work on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday at _____ am/pm Please come.

N) I will be putting up examples of your child's work on a website called Seesaw. Please see the attached notice for information about how to sign up.

O) We have a class blog. You can visit it here:

P) Our class are hosting assembly on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
at _________ . We would love for you to attend.

Q) Your child will be getting an award at assembly. Please come.

R) School assembly is on every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday all families are welcome to come.


S) Is it possible to meet with you to talk about your child? Can you contact me at _________ to arrange a time.

T) Tomorrow is a no uniform day. Your child can wear their normal clothes.

U) Coming up this week

V) In class we are working on
-Physical Education

W) Free breakfast is available for all children at ____am at school.

X) Please sign and return

Y) We have noticed your child is often late to school. School starts at ______ . Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your child get to school on time.

Page number: 45 pages

ZIP File - Comes as both PDF and JPEG

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