Pronouns Activities and Lesson Plans - Gender Inclusive (literacy)

$7.20 USD

This revamped and revised Montessori pronoun activities and lesson plan set follows the traditional Montessori lessons but includes a variety of gender-inclusive pronouns. 

This activity has been reviewed for content and edited for appropriate content by a LGBTQI+ community member.

One dollar of every sale goes to Rainbow Youth NZ.

Included in this 70 page pack are: 

  • Key Experience (Part 1 and Part 2) 
  • Lesson plans
  • Pronoun worksheets and task cards
  • Pictures of people with their pronouns
  • Noun and pronoun symbols for using with task cards, worksheets, or for explanations.
  • Worksheets to practice using gender-inclusive pronouns
  • Pictures of a scene where student writes sentences about the scene.
  • Montessori pronoun impressionistic charts
  • Table of First, Second and Third person pronouns
  • Activities to introduce subject, object and possessive pronouns
  • A revision activity where students make their own interactive note book of pronouns
  • Pronoun Snap
  • Blank black and white cards for students to create their own noun and pronoun sets.


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