Paleozoic, Mesozoic, & Cenozoic Activities Bundle

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This pack is full of resources to help your students learn more about areas of interest whether they be in the paleozoic, mesozoic or cenezoic.


For each era there is

-A set of cloze reading texts: Students fill in the gaps to complete the text. This is an excellent reading comprehension activity

-A set of sorting activities; students read and work out features of different geological periods, the end up with a giant grid which gives a great overview of the era and is perfect for students who like to see the big picture.

-A set of research projects. I've included a text for each period broken up into easily identified categories. Two options for research are given.


I've also included my Early Life Coloring sheets.


See the individual resources here: 

Paleozoic Sorting

Paleozoic Research

Paleozoic Cloze


Mesozoic Sorting

Mesozoic Research

Mesozoic Cloze


Cenozoic Sorting

Cenozoic Research

Cenozoic Cloze 


Early Life Coloring sheets


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