NZ Money mega bundle

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Boost financial literacy in your class! A range of activities to suit all learning styles in NZ maths classrooms

Aimed at NZ curriculum Levels 1-3, years 1-6


-Money posters
-Roll and cover game
-Skip counting to $1 in 10s and 100 chart
-How many ten cents equal …..
-Matching amounts
-Which is worth more? 2 pages
-What coin would you use to ……
-Combinations of money Helps student find multiple ways of making an amount. One page on $1, One page on $2, One page on $5, One page of ‘odd balls’ 4 pages

- How much is my name worth/How much is the place name worth? 7 pages
-Circle the money to make the amount 2 pages
-Money change word problems 3 pages
-Put coins in to make the amount 5 pages
-Fill in the gaps
-Worksheets on combinations of money (place value) 2 pages
- Round to the nearest dollar task cards 12 pages
- Estimation and adding- card sort 6 page

-24 task cards where students count the money. These task cards are a combination of notes and coins. An answer key is given
-Banking terminology and worksheet 2 pages.
-Worksheets on reading a bank statement including word problems to do with budgeting/financial literacy. 4 pages

-Place value 'how many $10 notes would it take to buy this item' - match up activity 6 pages
- Place value + addition 20 task cards 'Mike has 30 ten dollar notes and five fifty cent coins how much does he have?' 8 pages
- 'Shopping list' students use a price list to answer various questions. Questions are written on task cards with answers included. 16 pages.

100+ PAGES
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