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Montessori Senior Math Bundle

Montessori Senior Math Bundle

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This math bundle extends and consolidates learning for children aged 8-12. Some activities may also be suitable for slightly younger children.

 The bundle contains 36 products including activities for:




Basic facts


Place value

Strand maths:

See how all these resources link to the FREE Montessori Math Scope and Sequence here

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Bossau
Almost there, but a little disappointing

I was in apprehension at first, it was one of, if not the most expensive math bundle out there. I wanted something that would save me time, but there is no manual or guide or anything of the sort included (which I guess is on me for assuming something to that extent was included). A lot of worksheets and so forth, but it is taking me ages just to put everything in a coherent format so that is makes sense. If you are a teacher it would be a great buy - but if you are a homes school mom that wants something complete, this is not it.
This would have been a great bundle if it did include a manual/guide...

I encourage all buyers to look at the comprehensive product description and photos before purchasing to ensure what they are expecting is what is listed. Customers are also welcome to send a question. I also offer a free montessori math scope and sequence for people to see how the resources fit with the Montessori material. Additionally you can check the quality and type of my work through my large freebie subscription.

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