Montessori Place value with hundreds


Montessori Place value hands on sorting activity with 3 digit numbers. Using Base 10 or Montessori math material students learn place values with 3 digit numbers.

The purpose of this activity is to help the child with place value/base 10

The child learns that 421 has 4 hundreds, 42 tens and 421 units all together. This is an important concept for
- place value
- exchanging
- understanding the different names of a number.

3 sets of 10 different numbers so 30 different numbers in all.

1)Cut up the picture and 3 number labels. 
2) The child then matches the picture to the 3 relevant labels. e.g. beside a picture of 341 the child puts the labels 341 units, 34 tens, 3 hundreds beside the picture that matches this. 

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