Montessori math: Doubles plus 1 (near doubles) (digital edition)

$4.00 USD

This is an interactive activity.

It is modified from the paper copy resource of a similar name.


To use this students and yourself will need access to Google. The resource is a Google Slides file.

All students need to do is write in the named spaces.

Students can share their file with you and you can check their answers.

All places the student needs to write are clearly marked.


Montessori math: Doubles Plus One equations include facts such as 3 + 4 and 5+6. Using knowledge of doubles your elementary students will quickly learn this mental math strategy.


-Clip cards with colored bead near double equations up to 10 + 9 (answers provided) 3 versions. 3 separate files. Students move the dots to the correct answer.

-Drag and drop. Students drag and drop the colored bead into empty spaces to make an equation. 2 versions. 2 separate files. Answers given.

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