Earthquake Lesson Plans

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Earthquake Unit and Lesson Plans. This resource introduces the fundamentals of Earthquakes, why they happen and what happens, to your students. Includes teacher notes, resources and print and go activities.

Through this lessons and activities students will learn the following:

-We experience an earthquake as a movement of the ground
-Earthquakes are caused by changes in the earth’s crust
-Some places experience earthquakes more often than other places do
-Seismographs detect earthquakes
-Fault lines are ‘breaks’ that show where earthquakes have broken the hard rocks of the Earth’s crust

List of Achievement Objectives
Comprehensive Teacher notes
Reading on 'What is an Earthquake?'
Earthquake likely or not - worksheet
Layers of the Earth diagram
Measuring Earthquakes - thinking activity
Magnitude worksheet and web activity
Fault lines - chocolate bar activity
Fault lines - poster and printable

sized for U.S letter. This product uses U.S spelling. If you would like a UK spelling version please ask!

20 pages


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