Earthquake Bundle Lesson plans, activities, worksheets

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Lesson plans, hands on activities, experiments, reading material and worksheets for earthquakes. Easy to use materials for teaching about earthquakes. Teacher instructions included.

This is a bundle of all of my print and go Earthquake materials:

**Earthquake posters 12 pages.
These full page color posters introduce the following 13 terms to your students:
- layers of the earth - earthquake - fault - seismograph - tsunami
- plate boundary - epicenter/focus - magnitude - richter scale
- liquefaction - intensity - after shock

**Earthquake matching cards 26 pages
The same terms as above. student matches a picture of an earthquake concept to a paragraph.

**3D Earthquake Map 10 pages
A 3D hands on Earthquake activity where children map the worlds 10 largest earthquakes. A great addition to units of work on natural disasters or rapid changes to the land. Children place a flag onto the location of each of the most major earthquakes. Each flag lists how big the Earthquake was, where it happened and the year it happened.

**Earthquake unit 20 pages
This unit introduces the fundamentals of Earthquakes to your students.

Through this unit students will learn the following:

-We experience an earthquake as a movement of the ground
-Earthquakes are caused by changes in the earth’s crust
-Some places experience earthquakes more often than other places do
-Seismographs detect earthquakes
-Fault lines are ‘breaks’ that show where earthquakes have broken the hard rocks of the Earth’s crust

68 pages

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