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Early life research for Montessori (digital edition)

Early life research for Montessori (digital edition)

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Montessori research project to complement the clock of eras and second great story. 10 Animals from the Paleozoic through to the Cenezoic. Each in their own 'book' with spaces for child to complete research. 


Each animal is in its own individual file, this means you can share just one file with a child and wait for them to return it before sending out the next one.


It is a slightly modified from the paper copy resource of the same name.


To use this students and yourself will need access to Google. The resource is a Google Slides file.


Students can share their file with you and you can check their answers.

All places the student needs to write are clearly marked.



  • How do you pronounce its name?
  • When did it live? Color in the time period
  • Color in a map of where fossils of it have been found
  • State its predators and prey
  • A page for students to write all about it with a selection of generic prompts.
  • A one page fact sheet that includes some answers to the above.

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