Checkerboard Stories

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These 10 number stories are great for adding context to big numbers in your montessori elementary math program. All numbers used in the story are Montessori color coded e.g. numbers in the units are written in green.

This activity works alongside introducing reading numbers on the checkerboard to your students.

They have been made with the holistic nature of the Montessori curriculum in mind.

Students need to see how numbers relate to the world they live. To help with this these stories have numbers spanning from units to millions.

These stories are also ideal for those students you can't get away from the maths area as stepping stones to introduce them to other curriculum areas!

Laminate and keep in your maths area. These stories can be read to students , every time you get to a number the child can make the number on the checkerboard. Children can then individually do the story

There are 10 stories in total.

Topics of stories:
Making a secret code 1 + 2
My Amazing body
The Moon
The Amazon

All stories are available in
-US imperial measurements (feet/miles/pounds) and
- metric, suitable for UK/NZ/AUS (metres/kilometres/kilograms)

16 pages

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