Basic Facts Fluency - Montessori colored bead bars

$6.00 USD

6+1=7, 7+2=… Practicing Math facts fluency is important to help students learn their basic facts. This powerpoint or google slides game resource is a perfect way to have your students practicing their addition facts using the montessori coloured bead bars!

This resource includes addition Math facts from +2 to +9.

There are 9 questions within each math fact.

There’s a menu page which students can easily access to the different addition Math facts.

There is a self-correcting sound effect in the powerpoint versin if students click the wrong answer - otherwise students progress to the next slide.

This is a great activity for students who cannot physically touch the montessori equipment.


Your students must have powerpoint or google slides to work with this resource


This is part of my digital resource range. 

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