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Animals and their products (food products and uses)

Animals and their products (food products and uses)

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Help your class learn about connection between animals and where their food/meat and things they use come from! A great addition to units on Producers and consumers, Farms, food, urban and country, animals!

28 page bundle of activities to help children identify what meat/product comes from certain animals.

Animals covered:

cow : Beef, cheese, milk

sheep: wool, hogget, mutton

chicken: eggs, chicken meat

fish:fish meat

squid: calamari

shellfish: Jewelry and decoration

bee: honey

pig: pork and bacon


- 7 posters of 'products' with captions

- Animal match up to product (option of just pictures or pictures and words - montessori inspired match up cards)

- What do these animals give us? Cut and paste activity (2 sets)

- Match the animal to where it comes from.

- Where do these things come from? Cut and paste activity (2 sets)

- 2 reading comprehensions: cheese and wool


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