Montessori Math Bundle

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Montessori math resources for ages 3-12. All current and future Montessori math resources for preschool and elementary students at one price. Including activities for colored beads, place value and extension.

610 pages

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Angle Sorting 

Addition Tables Tables for children to fill in that correspond with the montessori addition charts.

Subtraction Tables Tables for children to fill in that correspond with the montessori subtraction charts.

Colored bead clip cards 1-10

Colored bead clip cards 11-20

Fraction sorting cards 

Montessori arrays - skip counting with real life pictures

Montessori Probability Activities

Greater than less than 

Basic Place Value 

Advanced place value task cards

Measurement Activities

Graphing Activities

Checkerboard Stories

Checkerboard Task Cards

Fractions of an amount chart

Fractions of an amount with stamp game 

Fraction posters 

Intro to base 10
Students will learn:
- Place value of units, tens, hundreds and thousands
- How to read written numbers and numerals in the 10s, 100s and 100s
- Visuals of what quantities look like

Make me task cards

Place Value Tens and Units

Adding with 10s Golden Beads and Stamp Game

Number bonds 11-18

Students learn single digit basic facts for numbers 11-18 using montessori colored beads

Number bonds to 10
Students learn single digit basic facts for numbers 5-10 using montessori colored beads

Colored bead fact families
Students work out addition and subtraction facts for numbers 5-10

Doubles plus 1
Students work out how ‘near doubles’ work eg. 6 + 7, 8 + 9 using montessori equipment

Adding Doubles
Students work out addition facts with doubles e.g. 6 + 6 , 7 + 7

Montessori Math: Hundreds Boards Task Card

Montessori math: Pythagoras board task cards

Improper Fraction match up

Ordering decimals on a number line: Clip and Flip

3d shapes nets clip and flip

Decimal Task Cards

Fraction Decimal Percentage flip book


Montessori math: advanced place value task cards set 2

Montessori Math Assessment 6-9

Pirate Reflection, Rotation and Scaling

Montessori Inspired Before and After to Ten

Addition of Decimal Task Cards

Converting Fractions to Decimals Task Cards

Converting Fractions to Percentages Task Cards

Percentage Task Cards

Subtraction of Decimal Task Cards

Comparing Decimals to Fractions Task Cards 

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