Montessori Digital Resource Bundle

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A bundle of all my google slides resources designed to meet the needs of the 6-9 Montessori Curriculum.  

To see each of the resources click here


Please click on the individual files to see if this meets your needs, included are:



-Early Life Research projects (links to 2nd Great Lesson)

-Montessori Fundamental Needs Interactive notebooks (links to 3rd Great Lesson)

-Montessori Fundamental Needs student workbook (links to 3rd Great Lesson)

-Clock of Eras Cloze Paragraphs (links to 2nd/3rd Great Lesson)

-Clock of Eras Slideshow (for introducing clock of eras)

-Clock of Eras Activities (for revision)

- Planets research



-Montessori Drag and drop grammar activities

-Montessori Grammar Fill in the gaps activities set 1 (fill in the gaps fun game for revising parts of speech)

-Montessori Grammar symbolizing (learning parts of speech for all basic parts of speech)

-Montessori Grammar Strips (writing a sentence to go with the grammar symbols)

-Montessori miniature environment ocean.



- Montessori Static Addition Stamp Game equations

-Montessori Adding Doubles

-Montessori Adding Near Doubles

-Montessori colored bead fact families (learning basic facts to 10)

-Montessori colored bead bonds (learning basic facts to 10)

-Basic Place value task cards (learning about 2 digit place value)

- Hundred board task cards

- Basic Facts Fluency (Montessori coloured bead bars) - Powerpoint



-Continent Interactive Activities ( revision of continents)



These resources are designed to be used with Google Slides. Please ensure you are comfortable using Google Slides before purchasing. All of the individual files can be seen here


They are to be shared with your class only and are allowed to be used for remote or distance learning.


500+ pages


All of these resources come as hard copy resources too (sold separately)


Instructions are included in every resource.



For an example of the resources in action please see these videos: (fundamental needs) (doubles digital) (fact families)


Please click here to see the individual files to see if this meets your needs,



These walk through videos show you three of the resources in the digital edition bundle.

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