World Religion and Philosophies Bundle

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Develop your students intellectual knowledge as well as developing their Emotional Intelligence about world religions / Philosophies with these Montessori match up cards for features of different religions such as important symbols, places and beliefs. 

Covers the faiths of: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism.

Respect, Compassion and tolerance are vital in today's world. 

This activity has been designed as an introduction to religion / different worldviews. It is not a comprehensive discussion of all the nuances of these belief systems. Nor is it is intended as a resource that explains every aspect of a worldview or religion.

Includes a set of Montessori style 5 part cards for the following World Religions/ Philosophies:
Religious places of worship
Recognising Religious Symbols, Elements and Features

Bonus files:

Religious Leaders Match up

What do different religions say about kindness?

47 pages



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