Fundamental Needs of Humans Card Set

Interested in studying fundamental needs of humans? 

This card set will help your students understand about what different fundamental needs mean and how they might look. 

For each target word or concept there is a control card, picture, the target word and a paragraph

Made for our modern world these sets have been reviewed by a diverse group of people to ensure they are as inclusive as possible for a variety of cultures, countries and religions 

UK and US English versions included


Legal System: Customary laws, law enforcement, rehabilitation, laws, group of elders, judge, legal document, legislature or government, incarceration, community sentences.

Culture: values, arts, belief, buildings, language, clothing, communication, knowledge, collective activities, agriculture

Health:Physical health, mental health, spiritual health, medicine, self knowledge, nutrition, play, health workers, medical centre (version with medical center also included) , immunisation (version with immunization also included)

Clothing: Western clothing, national dress, combined clothing, sports clothes, hats and headwear, footwear, formal wear, jewelry (jewellery spelling version also included)

Communication: facial expressions, gestures, pointing, writing, drawing, using equipment, touch, eye contact, sign language, language

Defence/Defense: lock, wall, security camera, safe, social support, human rights, police, advocate, border protection, weapons 

Food: Bread, meat alternatives, water, pasta, milk products, meat, rice, sweets or candy (both words included on different cards) vegetables, fruits.

Religion/Spirituality: faith, place of worship, religious leader, ceremony, holiday, holy book, deity, religious symbol, spirituality, ritual.

Love and acceptance: friends, family, community, celebration, relationship, physical affection, empathy, helping others, time, gift giving

Money: bank, bank or payment card, trading, crypto currency, coins, cash, bank account, bartering, saving, giving money

Shelter: hut, stilt house, improvised shelter, detached house, apartment (version with block of flats also included) , caravan (version with the word camper also included), retirement home, yurt, tiny home, cave.

Tools: computer, nail gun,  ruler, clock, lighter, hammer, pen, knife, sensor, screwdriver.

Transport: camels, planes, feet, tuktuk,  bicycle, train, truck, ferry, car, cable car.

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