Twelve and Twenty Memory Aide

Twelve and Twenty Memory Aide

Those of you following along with our ADHD journey or who are fellow caregivers or teachers of children with ADHD know that sometimes people with ADHD have trouble retrieving information or with working memory.

Working Memory is  the ability to keep information in mind so it’s available for use. Retrieval, is the process of reclaiming information that has been stored away.

I'm not sure which it is with my son but he has a hard time with saying 12 when he sees the numerals 12 snd will often say 20 instead, he also does the opposite for the number 20. Interestingly though he is better at putting down the correct quantity of objects beside a given number; that is beside 12 he will correctly place 12 beads down! 

I've made this memory aide to help him when we are working on numbers. I've hooked into novelty and rhyme.

20 is beside a cup of tea because you here the "tea" when you say it.

12 has a picture of two elves to remind him that there are "elves"

You can download a copy here

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