Math Bundle

Math Bundle

I am so excited to share the Montessori Math bundle with you. This bundle is a collection of items I have used or sought when I first started teaching.

The Montessori Math materials are admired for many because of the practical way they introduce concepts. For example the golden beads use actual beads to show the comparative sizes of a unit, ten, hundred and thousand. 

Montessori's tools helped bring abstract concepts into the concrete. This means that through hands on experience and manipulation children can learn complex ideas.

Montessori herself said:

The mathematical mind is a mind which is especially interested in mathematics. Instead of finding mathematics idiotic and absurd, it finds them interesting and absorbing. It is the fact that most of the children in our Montessori Schools do achieve great enthusiasm in doing mathematics. It is the preparation of their minds which enables them to derive this pleasure. --1946 London Lectures 


What do you do though when you have the Montessori Maths equipment but 

  • You find that your child needs extra support with a concept?
  • You have a state mandated curriculum which says you have to teach something (but there is not a Montessori lesson for it)?
  • You are not sure whether a child is using a strategy or is fully reliant on a piece of equipment?
  • You need follow up activities that are ready to use in a busy class?
  • A child is really interested in something and you need an extension?

Well my answer when I first started teaching was to spend hours planning and making follow up lessons but this isn't really sustainable when you have multiple curriculum areas and want to keep a work-life balance. 

This is why I have created my Math Bundle which has lots of premade materials that I have made through my time teaching. They are ready to print and go. Saving you valuable time and enabling you to meet the needs of those in front of you.

At 60+ items and 700+ pages there is loads in here for you at just a few cents per page you can have a virtual basket full of tools you can dip into to help with many Montessori lessons.

How do I use these?

These activities are best suited as follow-ups to the lessons in your Montessori manuals. I print, laminate and cut out and have on my shelves. 

To help you can even see how they fit into the scope and sequence by getting this free download


What does this math bundle contain?

This maths bundle contains follow up or supplementary activities for a variety of Montessori materials or activities.


What do others say about this bundle?

I'm such a huge fan of Montessori Kiwi's resources. They are perfect for when you need a worksheet or an extension activity that carries the familiarity of Montessori content. Math is an area that needs continual practice and I love that I can find a math file in this bundle for many math topics my student needs to practice. I also love that since this is a growing bundle, every time I check, there's something new in there! On average, there's a new file added monthly. To date there are over 30 files. The target grade level is K-4, possiby higher if a student is in need of remedial work. I will note that geometry work is not included in this bundle, but there is work on measurement. Other topics so far include probability, graphing, arrays, fractions, multiplication, place value, fact families and more. - Amanda C


I have been looking for cards like these that help with math concepts in a Montessori classroom! These are fabulous! Thank you! - Amanda S


So helpful in my first year back in a Montessori classroom after many away! - Golden Beads




Colored bead worksheets

Before and after to 10 (what number comes before and what comes after) 

Clip cards for 1-20

Teen Numbers pack

Hundred Board Task Cards





Introduction to Base 10

Basic Place value task cards (2 digit numbers)

Advanced Place value task cards (2 sets) 

Greater than and less than task cards 

Make me game (make digits between 2 and 4 digits long)





Adding with tens

3 digit equations

4 digit equations

Introduction to Checkerboard Task cards

Checkerboard stories

Multiplication questions with 2 and 3 digit multipliers




Doubles (helps students see how knowing things like 4+ 4 or 6+ 6 can help them learn other basic facts)

Near Doubles (learning how doubles can help learn near doubles like 6 + 7)

Number bonds to 10 (using colored beads to help learn basic facts)

Number bonds to 18 (using colored beads to help learn basic facts)

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Booklets

Fact families for add/sub (helps students see how inverse operations relate to each other)

Arrays (help children see the connection between addition and multiplication)

Pythagoras Board Task cards (for extending knowledge of multiplication facts)

Different formats for writing equations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)





Fraction Posters

Fraction circle clip cards

Fraction identification and sorting activity

Ordering fractions with the same denominator cards

Addition and subtraction of fraction tickets

Fraction chart to find fractions of an amount

Fractions of an amount activity

Decimal task cards

Addition and subtraction of decimals equations

Multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 task cards

Multiplying decimals by a whole number task cards

Ordering decimals on a number line clip and flip activity

Fraction, decimal, percentage flip book

Comparing decimals to fractions match up

Exploring fractions to decimals task cards

Exploring fractions to percentages task cards

Percentage task cards



Gateway to Algebra questions 3 digit and 4 digit numbers

Multiples task cards

Factors worksheet



Measurement activities

Probability activities

Graphing activities


To get your copy click here

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