A closer look at digital resources for your Montessori Classroom

A closer look at digital resources for your Montessori Classroom

While you may not be used to using digital resources in your virtual classroom they are a great sanity saver and asset to your "teaching bag."

There are a number of digital resources that can help in your Montessori teaching

Montessori Tools has digital manipulatives which you can get for free here

I have also been using the apps from Mobile Montessori. Most of their resources are for ages 3-8. They cost around $5 US each and I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the Botany, Vertebrates and Addition apps.

Another resource are Google Slides™ presentations. If you use these with Google Classroom you can even send out these to groups of students and track in real time how students are doing and what areas of learning you need to go over. 

I have several of these digital items, many based on my hard copy materials. In these 2 minute walk through videos I show you how some of my growing number of digital resources can be used in your virtual or distance learning classroom. 



 See more in my series of teaching at and from home here

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