Stuck at home? A practical list of ideas for children.

Here at Montessorikiwi we know every family and situation is different. 

While some families who are stuck at home due to the current virus may be fine on a loose structure others need the certainty of knowing what is coming next and a predictable pattern from day today. 

Some families may have caregivers working from home, others may have families out at work.  

Whatever your situation is please give yourself grace. 

If your house is a mess that is okay, not everyone has pinterest or instagram pretty pictures. 

Learning looks different in this crisis situation.

If you have an older child I have put together this list of activities that could be a jumping off point they are based on Mason Durie's whare tapa wha and look at 

  • Physical health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Family

Get your FREE copy of the download here. This resource is designed by a NZ teacher and Mum and is designed to be as practical as possible.



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